My Happy Place

Everyone needs a space of their own, a place where they abandon the cares of the day, the thoughts weighing on their mind, let go and let loose a bit. For some, that is their home, where they can take refuge from co-workers, friends and family for some alone time with their furry babies and a good streaming drama or video game. For others, it is a laptop where the clickety-clack of their keys beneath their fingers keeps pace with the stream of ideas flow while they write. For others, a good night’s sleep is all they really need to rest and recharge.

I am not sure what my happy place is, but I intend to find out. I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years: sewing by hand, crafting jewelry, gardening, Tai Chi, Yoga, writing fanfiction, and creating homemade health and beauty products. The last few years of my life have been engaged deeply in healing. I now find myself living in a new home, in a new neighborhood, trying to hear my soul in the silence of quiet days, trying to figure out what I truly enjoy doing.

The activities I engage in for self care: Yoga, meditation, Reiki- are they hobbies?

Devotional practices I engage in for the sake of my religion-listening to praise music, reading devotional books, praying-they are not exactly hobbies, and they go deeper than a happy place…

Maybe it is just a matter of time. Time will continue to heal and reveal to me what activities and places make me feel not just better, but are fun and give me the joy I need to enjoy a full life.

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